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Smart Locks

This is use to restrict access in your homes, offices, schools, etc. this can be done using your finger print, face, passcode or card. you don’t need to worry about your physical keys when they are misplaced. click the button below to order now.

Electronic Attendance Register

Finger print, or facial data to report at the accurate time one resumes duty daily. Tangles issues of reporting yourself or other falsely, this can also be use to pay salaries according to the time and date one reports for the month.

Access Control System

Access Control Device

These are devices that enables one to restrict access on some unit in an organization, company, schools, farms, homes etc. example where access control can be applied is area or units that require out of band from some staffs and clients.

CCTV Camera

Experience a secured and peaceful surrounding with our surveillance CCTV Camera Installation.

Spy Gadgets

Spy Gadgets are basically used t detect truthfulness, honesty and sincerity, guard yourself with these our capable and portable gadgets. click the order button to get one or more now

Defensive Gadgets

Security Defensive Gadgets are necessary to carry about with you for full comfort and confidence, since your cant be harassed anyhow.

Security Kids

Some of our Security Kits


Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

Electric Fencing Installation

  • Collaborate with fellow architects.
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